200L Spray unit with 30m hose and jetpro gun


Professional self contained sprayer with powerful 12V pump, 30m hose and top of the line Jetpro variable spray gun. Fit to your ute, tractor carryall or UTV for a range of applications including pest control, weed spraying etc.

The Jetpro spray gun has an ergonomic design for comfort and to reduce fatigue. Professional spray gun, that has the ability to deliver a straight stream to a cone spray pattern by easily adjusting the trigger. The spray gun has a locking device that allows the operator to set a desired spray pattern for easier constant spraying requirements. Fine cone pattern is ideal for spraying pesticide. Pencil stream is ideal for herbicide and distance spraying.

Tank size 200L (53 gallons)
Pump rate 5L/min (1.3G/min)
Pressure (max) 1,378kpa (200PSI)
Length 1030mm (41")

Width 580 (23")

Height 535 (21")

Pump 12V fitted with alligator clips for easy hook up to your battery

Applications: weed spraying, pest control

Basic Safety Requirements: ALWAYS follow directions and MSDS provided by the supplier of chemicals being used in the sprayer. This will usually require Suitable Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Protective Gloves, Respirator and clothing to cover exposes skin.

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