How it works

We are committed to a hassle free process:

1. Search our store to find the equipment you need and add to your cart.

2. Make a reservation online. Remember that 1 day hire = 24hrs. Delivery 7am Saturday and pickup 5pm Saturday = 1 day. Delivery 7am Saturday and Return 7am Monday = 2 days.

3. Setup and account, review and accept our terms and conditions.

4. Complete checkout by providing the delivery address and payment method. We will charge a fully refundable security deposit at reservation. 

5. We will contact you before we deliver to confirm that the operator will be available to accept delivery at the start of hire and finalize payment for the hire period.

What areas do you deliver to? What is the cost?

We deliver to North Brisbane and outer suburbs. Delivery within 20min radius of Samford is FREE! Call or text 0418238005 if in doubt or for a price on delivery.

Why do you only deliver? Why can't I pickup equipment from your workshop?

We want to take the hassle out of hire so rather than driving to our workshop and waiting at the counter, we save the money on counter staff and use it to deliver to you at minimal cost or in most cases FREE... 

What if I damage the equipment?

Normal wear and tear is acceptable but in other cases our damage waiver applies. You are responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement to a maximum of $1000. We charge our labour at $105/hr.

What about fuel needed to run the equipment?

All our equipment comes with a full tank of fuel included in the price. We have fuel available for purchase online so you don't have to worry about that either.

How will I know what consumables are needed like a chain for a chainsaw?

Before we deliver we will ensure that any consumables are in good working order. For the  chainsaw example, it will come with a new chain already fitted, bar oil tank full and a full tank of fuel. You will have the option to buy additional chains, bar oil or fuel at the time of reservation or hire as a bundle. Check out the detailed descriptions for whats included with the equipment you're hiring. Any concerns then give us a call!

How does the "return empty" fuel option work?

To save you the hassle of refilling the fuel before returning the equipment, we offer "return empty" on all our powered equipment. We will fill the tank and charge you for the fuel used. Our rates are on your order booking and our website. You can always refill the fuel yourself if you wish but please take care to ensure the right fuel is used - two stroke, unleaded, diesel etc!

What if I don't have time or can't clean the equipment before pickup?

No problem! We can clean the equipment for you at the rates mentioned on your order booking. The cost will be between $10 and $20 depending on the equipment hired.

Will I receive training on how to operate the equipment?

You will receive basic training on the features and controls on equipment. You will also receive an email with links to the operators manual for equipment prior to delivery so you can understand all the requirements for safe operation. 

Do I need a licence or special certification to operate any of your equipment?

No. None of our equipment requires special licencing or certifications. We always recommend you read the operators manual that we send to you. Its also a good idea to study up on available videos/tutorials from the manufacturer so that you get the most out of safe operation of the equipment.

What is your damage waiver fee?

If damage occurs other than normal wear and tear, you are responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement capped at $1000.