18" Lawn Corer Aerator



Our 455mm (18”) corer aerator is ideal for residential or commercial aeration relieving compaction, improving drainage, reducing thatch and improving oxygen to the roots of your lawn which results in stronger and healthier turf. We offer a choice of hollow for coring or solid for spike aeration.  No add-on weights are required and reciprocating cam-driven tines propel the unit forward and drive cores up to 70mm (2.75") deep even in difficult soil conditions, offering higher quality aeration than traditional drum style units. No-lift turning offers a significant reduction in fatigue while operating and a new ergonomic handle is Iso mounted for reduced vibration.

Supplied with full tank of fuel. See additional fuel for purchase and ask about our "return empty" option.

200cc 4 stroke - Unleaded Petrol

Core Spacing 92mm X 152mm (3.63X6")

Tines 4 (choice of hollow for coring or solid for spike aeration)

Core Depth Up To 70mm (2.75")

Length 1448mm (57")

Width 610mm(24")

Height 1016mm (40")

Weight 109Kg (240Lbs)

Applications: Coring Residential, Commercial, Lawn Surfaces To Increase Growth, Coring Golf Greens And Tees

Basic Safety Requirements: Hearing Protection, Loose Fitting Gloves

Complete lawn renovation from start to finish

Please read our full Hire Contract Conditions here before hiring.

Certification is not required to operate this machine, however you must feel competent to do so.

Employers hiring for their employees have a 'Duty of Care' responsibility under the Act.

This equipment can only be used on flat solid ground according to manufacturer's guidelines.

Operators Manual to be read prior to operating this machine and is available on commencement of Hire.

CAUTION: This equipment presents a constant hazard when in operation. Please follow ALL safety precautions noted by the manufacturer.

Images are representative only. Actual equipment supplied may vary but will be equal to, or higher specification than described.