1500mm spike aerator


Our extra wide spike aerator is ideal for large residential or acreage aeration to relieve compaction, improve drainage, reduce thatch and improve oxygen to the roots of your lawn which results in stronger and healthier grass. The tank is supplied emty to allow easy transport and handling. Simply fill with water to the desired weight and attach to your ride on mower or other tow vehicle. 

Hole Spacing 140mm X 140mm (5.5"X5.5")

Tines 11 in one row 1500mm wide, 8 around circumference

Core Depth Up To 70mm (2.75")

Length 2000mm (79")

Width 1770mm(70") with 1500mm aeration width

Height 700mm (28")

Weight 80Kg empty, 260kg full of water (176Lbs, 570lbs)

Applications: Aerating Rural, Residential, Commercial, Lawn Surfaces To Increase Growth.

Basic Safety Requirements: Loose Fitting Gloves, Steel Toe Shoes

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This equipment can only be used on flat solid ground according to manufacturer's guidelines.

Images are representative only. Actual equipment supplied may vary but will be equal to, or higher specification than described.